Storm Damage Roof Repair In St. Louis, MO

Storm Damage Roof Repair

For Storm Damage Roof Repair, You Can Count On Conner Roofing!

Storms can leave your roof more damaged than you could ever imagine. If a big storm blows through, you could find yourself with missing shingles and other problems from storm damage. If you already have damage on your roof, a large storm or even small amounts of rain can get into your home and wreak havoc. Here at Conner Roofing, we always want to make sure your home is as safe as possible. When you have storm damage, your home is opened up to the outside elements and could potentially cause parts of your roof to cave in or fall off into your yard. This creates an unsafe environment for you and your family so we will want to get it repaired as soon as we can.

There are times when storm damage can be an emergency. An example of this if a storm has caused damage to your roof and now water is coming into your home or if part of your roof has caved in by a tree falling onto it. We have seen it all and are prepared to help you when this kind of issue arises. When it comes to your home, we take it very seriously because we never want to feel like you are stuck in a situation with your roof. Our professional roofing contractors are trained and experienced in all storm damage roof repair situations. We know all of the codes and requirements to get your roof back to where it needs to be so that you can feel confident that your home will be safe in the event of another storm later on. We work as fast as we can, especially in these types of situations, so that your home is not opened up to the outside elements any longer than it has to be. We will not only fix the repairs that the storm caused, but we will be able to get your roof in better shape so that it will be able to withstand anything that comes at it in the future. If your roof has storm damage in St. Louis, MO, make sure that you call Conner Roofing right away at 314-375-7475 so that we can help you and get your roof back to where it should be.

What To Do In a Roofing Emergency

When something has happened to your roof and it is causing an emergency situation, Conner Roofing can help you with anything you need. When water is coming into your home through your roof or a tree has fallen on your roof and left a hole, make sure you call us right away. If this has happened late at night or not during business hours, we are usually able to send someone out to tarp the area or will guide you through it if you would like to do it on your own. Once we can come out and look at the damage, we will be able to give you a quote and if you approve, we can start right away. Our expert roofing contractors are happy to help any way they can and are always respectful and considerate of your home and the area around it. We will work as quickly as we can to get the repairs taken care of and if you end up needing a replacement, we will make sure that no more water gets into your home and causes more problems. Don’t wait on an emergency, we are here to help you, so give us a call at 314-375-7475 right away.

Help With Insurance

If you need help going through your insurance or your insurance requires that they speak with your roofing company before anything is started, we are here to help. We have been through this process many times before so we know what the insurance companies are looking for. We are able to speak to them on the phone, provide pictures, and written reports or quotes to them. It can be frustrating having to go back and forth with your insurance, especially when you are trying to deal with everything that is going on in your home on top of it. Let us help you do all the behind the scenes stuff so that we can get you your roof as quickly as possible without all of the hassles that can come along with it. If you have questions about anything before the process gets started, we are always happy to answer them. We will always run everything through you so that you always know what is going on, at the same time that we do. We can provide you with long lasting repairs and replacements that storm damage will bring.

Common Storm Damage Problems

We Work with Your Insurance

We Will Work with Your Insurance Company Through Your Insurance Claims Process.

A few common issues that we see as a result of storms are hail, missing shingles, and wind damage. These problems can happen on a perfectly solid roof, but they typically occur when the roof has already been compromised. This means that there were likely repairs that needed to be done on it before the storm, that had not been noticed or taken care of yet. The best thing that you can do to avoid this is to have inspections done regularly.

Hail Damage – Hail can come down pretty hard and typically there is nothing that you can do to stop it. If you live in an area that gets hail often, you may want to consider putting a roof on that can keep you protected, like impact resistant shingles.

Missing Shingles – Most shingles are rated to be able to withstand very strong winds. The times that shingles usually come off of roofs are if they had already started to lift, due to age or possibly water damage. Missing shingles can usually be replaced very easily, but you will want to make sure you get it done before any more rain hits because this can get inside of your home and cause water damage or mold.

Wind Damage – The thing that we worry most about when it comes to wind, is that it can knock over other objects like trees or branches, that can fall onto your roof and cause serious problems.

If you have storm damage in St. Louis, MO, you can always give Conner Roofing a call at 314-375-7475 and our expert roofers will be able to help you as quickly as possible.