Signs You Need An Asphalt Roof Replacement

Signs You Need An Asphalt Roof Replacement

Look for These Signs To Determine If You Need Asphalt Roof Replacement.

A roof replacement for our asphalt roofing is the last thing we want to deal with, but unfortunately, roof replacements are necessary from time to time. Not only will you get a better working roof, but you can save your home’s foundation and lawn in the process. Below are signs you need an asphalt roof replacement.

The Age of Your Asphalt Roof

A typical asphalt roof can last up to 25 years. Depending on the age of your roofing system, a complete roof replacement might be very necessary.

Curling and Cracking

Curling refers to the asphalt shingles curling up on the edges of the shingle. This may or might not determine if the roofing shingles are working like they should. Also, if your asphalt shingles are cracked, that is also not a great sign.

Completely Missing Shingles

Missing entire areas of shingles is never a good sign. Not only can leaks get into your home, but they will provide mediocre protection. An asphalt roof replacement is the best course of action if a number of shingles are missing from your roof.

There Are a Ton of Granules in the Gutter

The granules of your asphalt roofing are what keep it protected. Losing a few of granules is fine, but a gutter full of granules is not a good sign.

The Roof Looks Like Its Sagging

Our roofing systems should never be sagging; if your roof is sagging the attic rafters or decking are sagging, which is not good for the roof or your home.

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