Silicone Roof Coating Services

Silicone roof coatings are a great way to protect your current roofing and its materials. Applying silicone roof coatings gives your roofing natural protection, durability, and water resistance, defending your property from damage. Environmentally friendly, this moisture-curing coat does not give off toxic byproducts that could affect the area around your property. For all of your roof services and silicone roof coating services Conner Roofing is the company to contact. Our aim is to offer you a roof you can trust in and top notch customer service, every time. Call us at 314-696-5886 to start installing a silicone roof coating in Saint Louis, MO and the surrounding area today!

What Silicone Roof Coatings Do

What Silicone Roofing Coatings Can Do

Silicone Roof Coatings Are Able To Offer A lot for Your Commercial Property.

Protect your roofing with the full defense given by silicone roof coatings. Resilient and strong, this coating thwarts storms and nature. When your roofing has this layer directly administered to it, it gives your roofing UV resistance, letting it reflect UV rays away from your property. Reflectivity provides your property with a cool roof system that cuts energy costs. Chalking or discoloration are common with most roof coatings that suffer heavy sun exposure, but not with silicone roofing which keeps its original color. Another big worry you may have is water damage and ponding for your roof. When a storm rolls in, silicone roof coating behaves as a membrane that withstands water damage and ponding. Your roof system materials remain at top condition and are even protected from mold and mildew growth. Once applied, you can expect your silicone roof coatings to last between ten and fifteen years. Intensive roof preparation is unnecessary for reapplication. The silicone roof coatings may be applied once your roof has a simple power wash. Silicone roof coatings are perfect for any roof system, because they’re easy to apply and they do not require much maintenance.

Your Roofing Professionals

Conner Roofing are the suppliers of the best roofing systems for your defense with silicone roof coating in Saint Louis, MO. With expert installation techniques and first rate customer service, we are the best in town. Whether you require a roof coating or are looking for an inspection of your roof system, our licensed roofers are on hand to get your roof system back in shape. Contact 314-696-5886 for all of your roof restoration services.