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Many people assume that when their roof starts to fall apart, that they can only have a roof replacement done on it. While sometimes that may be true, in many cases, you have other options. Roof restoration is an option that you do have and it can work great on your roof and be a much cheaper alternative to getting your roof back to where it should be. The thing about roof restorations is that you have to do it before it gets to the point where it is too late. The best way to make sure that you catch it in time is to do annual maintenance on your roof. This means having a roof inspection done and if there are repairs that need to be done, that you have them taken care of. Conner Roofing can help you with that and make sure that your home is always taken care of.

A roof restoration can be done by applying a roof coating over your roof and resealing it so that it will be able to keep out things like water, dirt, and in some cases, even deflect the sun’s UV rays off of it. We do everything from acrylic to silicone so that you have everything that you are wanting. A roof restoration is able to provide your roof with durability, protection, and long-term strength. Our customers are what matters most to us so we strive to be available for questions or concerns whenever you need us. For the best of roof restoration in St. Louis, MO, make sure you call our experts Conner Roofing by dialing 314-375-7475.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

If your commercial roof is nearing the end of its long life, you may be thinking it is time for a replacement. The truth is, that many businesses do not have the money to put a new roof on their building or constantly fix leaks and other damages on the roof. Before you start to figure out what you are going to do, consider having a roof restoration done instead. A roof restoration can be done by installing a roof coating that will be able to essentially give you a new roof without having to take off the old one. Here are a few ways that a roof restoration can benefit you.

Better For Environment – When commercial roofs get taken off of buildings, they, for the most part, end up in landfills. This waste can be prevented because a restoration doesn’t even require that you take the old roof off.

Cheaper – Because there is no tear off of the old roof and a coating is applied either by being sprayed or rolled on, the cost of installation is much cheaper. A commercial roof replacement is very expensive and will have to be planned in advance because of the cost and the size of the undertaking. A restoration can be done much quicker and can put a stop to any leaks you have been having, for a major fraction of the price.

Longevity – Having a roof restoration done, will actually extend the life of your roof. A regular replacement will last on your roof for 20 years or so and a restoration, around, 15 years. That means that you can save large amounts of money restoring your roof and still get almost the same amount of time that you would have gotten out of your replacement.

Losing Out – When your commercial roof is beginning to fall apart, it is important that you get it taken care of as quickly as possible. If you start to notice recurring issues on your roof, call one of our roofers to come out and see if a restoration would be a good option, before there is more damage that can be fixed.

Coatings We Use

Spraying an Acrylic Coating on a Curved Metal Roof

Acrylics Provide a Wonderful Color Sheen and UV Ray Reflection for Your Building!

We can use a variety of different types of coatings on your roof when we do a roof restoration. A few different types are:

  • Commercial
  • Polyurea
  • SIlicone
  • Acrylic
  • Elastomeric

Commercial – A commercial coating will be able to cover your roof and keep you protected from water damage or fall apart during extreme temperature changes. This is an excellent option for your commercial building and all of your day to day needs as a business owner. We can help you decide what your best choice would be, depending on the type of roof that you have.

Polyurea – A polyurea coating is one that can go on any roof. It doesn’t matter if you have wood, concrete, or metal, this will be able to be applied to it. This coating is excellent for keeping your roof water resistant and locking out the ability to spread mold or any further damage. This roofing will dry quickly and is finished fast.

Silicone – A silicone roof coating will protect your roof from water and is extremely durable. This coating is good for the environment as well because it does not give off any toxins. Another great benefit to this coating is that it will reflect the sun’s UV rays so that your building will actually be more energy efficient as well. If your roof is prone to ponding water problems, this roof coating is one of the best options for you.

Acrylic – An acrylic roof coating will be able to give you UV protection and all with a seamless finish to it. This is great for keeping your roof dry and preventing things like mold from getting into your building. It will be able to hold up against intense weather like storms, wind, and even fire.

Elastomeric – These coatings offer protection from leaking that has been going on and are able to contract and stretch, depending on the weather. They resemble a lot what rubber coatings do and because of that, do not crack easily at all. If you have ponding water that keeps damaging your roof, this roof coating will help to eliminate that and be resistant to any damage that it could cause.

If you have been wondering about roof restoration in St. Louis, MO, make sure that you call Conner Roofing at 314-375-7475 so that we can help you. Our professionals can answer any of your questions and find the right coating for you and your roof.