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Conner Roofing is a Local Roof Repair Company That Offers Fantastic Service.

As a high-quality roof repair company in St. Louis, , we are dedicated to making sure that your roof is always taken care of and that repairs are made correctly and quickly every single time. We understand that it is hard to take care of everything going on in life and then worry about your roof on top of all of it, so let us worry about it for you. If you begin to notice damage on your roof, give us a call and we will be able to come out and take a look. Once we have looked over the roof, we can decide from there what we think you should do. We can give you a quote and once you approve it, we can get to work.

It is important that you know what roof damage looks like and what the signs are so that you will be able to notice something if it happens and call us. When the roof on your home is not at its very best shape, it will eventually start to cause problems in other places as well. At Conner Roofing, we believe that you should have a roof inspection done once a year so that you can feel confident that your roof is working the way it is supposed to and so that we can find any repairs that need to be made before they end up much bigger than before. If you need to have a roof repair, give us a call at 314-375-7475 and we will do our best to get out to your home right away to repair the problem.

Signs That You May Need a Repair

To make sure that your roof is always in its best shape, you should know when you need a roof repair. The best way to do that is to make sure that you know what the signs are. Knowing what to look for, will help you discover and repair the damage before it gets out of hand. Below are some of the most common signs that you may need a roof repair.

Leaking – This is one that most people will notice right away. When there is a leak in your ceiling or a spot of water on your ceiling, it is likely that you have a leak. If you can rule out a pipe being there, then your next best guess is that you have a roof leak. Chances are that you will not know you have a roof leak until it rains heavily. Unfortunately, by this time, the water could already cause some damage.

Missing Shingles – If you are the type of person that peeks up on their roof every so often, you will probably notice if shingles begin to fall off. You can also see if you see shingles on the ground, as this is a telling sign that there is usually more damage than you realize.

Wear and Tear – If your roof doesn’t look great, it probably isn’t. A solid roof that is ready to protect your home, will not have curled up shingles or anything growing on the roof. Having an inspection done will be able to tell you for sure, but the chances are that you may need a new roof.

Roof Repair Benefits

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If you are looking for benefits to getting a roof repair, there are a bunch of them. Making sure that your roof is taken care of will help you avoid more problems down the road and it is important that you have these things taken care of.

Life of Your Roof – Not only will a roof repair help you avoid spending large amounts of money, but it will prolong the life of your roof. Shingle roofs should last for around 20 years so if you are having issues at the 10-year mark, you need to address it. There is no reason a roof should start to fall apart that early. Making sure that you have regular inspections and roof repairs done, are the key to making sure that your roof will last you as long as possible.

Finding Leaks – Leaks can destroy a perfectly good home. When you have damage on your roof and it rains, water can get into your walls and start to grow mold. It can also get into your attic and effect things like your insulation and if you have your HVAC system up there, it can cause problems with that as well. Having a roof repair done will help you find the leaks and put a stop to them so that your house will not end up getting damaged internally.

Contact Our Professionals

Conner Roofing, understands that roof repairs can be overwhelming and expensive, but when you wait on these types of problems, they will always get worse. Our trained and certified technicians are here to help you and will do whatever they can to get the problems taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you need a roof repair in St. Louis, MO, make sure that you call us at 314-375-7475 to schedule an appointment for as soon as possible.