Metal Roofing

metal roofing 2Looking to install a much more efficient and durable roofing system? Metal roofing has become more commonly used for residential homes because of its low required maintenance and long term investment for your home. At Conner Roofing, we are an excellent choice for high quality metal roofing installation and repair in St. Louis. Metal systems last longer than your traditional shingle roofs by decades because they are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and leakage into your foundation. If you are interested in metal roofing for your residential roofing system, give Conner Roofing a call, and we’ll have our best experts handle your situation.

Metal roofs can be comprised from many materials including Zinc, Aluminum, Steel, Copper, and Titanium. The most commonly used by roof contractors are Steel and Aluminum. At Conner Roofing we have great relationships with local metal vendors that provide our customers their preferred material for their roofing system projects.

Benefits of Metal Roofing


More and more homeowners are turning to metal roofs for their residential roofing systems because of the highly beneficial factors that they provide. One reason for this, is the long term investment you make when installing a metal roof. It may be an expensive upfront cost, yet they require minimal, if any, maintenance during their lifespan which saves on repair costs and services. Another way to save money through metal roofs is the energy efficiency it provides. These roofing systems are highly reflective of UV lightning, which keeps the interior of your home cooler during hot days, and also insulates warm air during the winter season.  Metal roof systems have a curbside appeal that will have your neighbors envious of your new or repaired metal roofing system. You can add various types of color or finishing to metal roofs to make them a more appealing aspect of your home.

Call us today if you have any questions or if you’re interested in setting up an appointment about metal roofing. Conner Roofing is a trustworthy choice for reliable and experienced work for metal roofing installation and repair in St. Louis.