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Remodeling Services

For Professional and Dependable Remodeling Services, Turn To Conner Roofing!

In the Saint Louis, MO area, Conner Roofing is known as a roofing company, but we are able to offer more than that. While we offer roofing services from residential roofing repair to metal roofing installation, we can also offer remodeling services for our customers. If you need remodeling services in Saint Louis, MO for your home or business, you can count on Conner Roofing. We are known as a two-in-one company; we can offer quality and dependable remodeling and roofing services. With our remodeling and roofing services, we are able to service different parts of our customers homes or businesses, giving them a more reliable and well rounded company to work with. No matter what type of service you require, a whole window replacement or siding repair, our team can handle any remodeling service that you need. Want the best remodeling services in Saint Louis, MO? Contact Conner Roofing for beneficial and dependable services at 314-696-5886.

Remodeling Services Conner Roofing Offers

When it comes to remodeling, Conner Roofing wants to be able to meet our customers specific needs. In order for us to do this, we offer a number of remodeling services for our customers to select from. We understand that not even customer has the same window material or has siding on their exterior walls; Due to this, we want to make sure we have enough variety so we can satisfy and help customers who need remodeling service for their home. From siding repair to replacing a double hung window, we are able to handle any repair or replacement remodeling service, big or small. Below are the remodeling services that we offer our customers. Give our team a call at 314-696-5886 and ask for more information about our Saint Louis, MO remodeling services.

Exterior Services

Gutters are an important part of protecting your foundation from excessive moisture. Time and corrosion can gradually degrade your gutter system until repairs or replacement is necessary. Our home experts at Conner Roofing offer cost-effective service to help you replace aging gutters.

We also provide repairs for stained or damaged siding. It’s critical that any worn siding be replaced quickly to prevent moisture from seeping into the walls. Vinyl, aluminum, and Hardie Board are the most frequently used materials for siding. The different siding materials shield your home from storms, and a few of them raise the energy efficiency of your home by reflecting the UV rays from the sun.

Windows: Repair and Replacement

Our crew also provides professional window repairs and replacements. We carry a wide selection to better meet your style and functional preferences. All of the following windows are available from our company…

  • Single Hung Windows – affordable; long-lasting protection
  • Double Hung Windows – stylish; provide fast ventilation and increased function
  • Low E Windows – protect your home’s interior from UV ray degradation, improving energy-efficiency
  • Vinyl Windows – great insulation and energy-savings; improved impact resistance
  • Skylights – provide incredible natural lighting, offering style and benefiting mental well-being

Unsure if we are able to repair your particular siding material or if we replace a certain window brand? Give us a call! Our certified roofers are more than happy to discuss your remodeling concerns and answer any questions you might have. Our customers are our number one priority, so we will always go the extra mile to ensure they get the services that they want. To make an appointment for remodeling services in Saint Louis, MO, call 314-696-5886 to work with the team at Conner Roofing today!

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When you choose Conner Roofing for your remodeling services in Saint Louis, MO, you are hiring a company who works closely with their customers. We think it is important to keep our customers fully aware of our remodeling plans, so they know exactly what is being done to their home or business. We will sit down with them and determine what remodeling service–replacement or repair is right for them. We understand that repair and replacement services can be an unexpected cost, but we promise that we are upfront with our costs and never have any hidden fees. Once we have decided on the best course of action, our team will get straight to work to provide you quality, reliable, and effective remodeling service. For honest and dependable remodeling services in Saint Louis, MO, call Conner Roofing at 314-696-5886 to get started on your remodeling service!