Premium Roofing Service in St. Louis, MO

Premium Roofing Service

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At Conner Roofing we are pleased to offer our residential customers in St. Louis, MO premium roofing that will not only boost the look of their house but give them long-standing protection. It’s been our mission to give our customers the greatest roofing imaginable, that is why we offer a number of premium roofing services and products for them to select from. No matter if you want impact resistant shingle installations or synthetic shingle repair, our roofers are certified and knowledgeable in all things premium roofing, with the ability to repair, install, and offer maintenance for any premium roofing product. For super roofing products and to enhance the look of your home, premium roofing is something you should definitely consider. Call us today at 314-696-5886 if premium roofing in St. Louis, MO seems like it would be the right roofing for your home.

Premium Roofing Conner Roofing Supplies

Conner Roofing wants nothing but for our customers to get the most out of our services, so we offer a variety of services for clients to pick from. Whether you are needing a complete upgrade on your residential roof or you want to add more curb appeal to your house, our premium roofing will do that and much more. Our biggest focus is always our customer, so we will go the extra mile to make sure they get what they want in regards to their roofing. Below is a list of our popular luxury materials. You can also discover more information by calling our team at 314-696-5886 and asking about our premium roofing in St. Louis, MO.

Architectural Shingles

Your average shingle roof has a single layer of material applied to the roofing system’s underlying material. Architectural shingle roofing systems will protect a house by utilizing layered, hardy materials. Architectural shingles are able to withstand wind speeds of up to 120 mph. With a special laminate, these shingles will adhere to any surface, even on very steep gradients. 

Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles With Gray and Dark Gray Shading

Impact Resistant Shingles are Particularly Useful for Preventing Rooftop Hail Damage!

With impact resistant shingles, you can rest assured that the roofing won’t be harmed by hail striking the surface, nor will the fiberglass mat below crack during a storm. This means your home is much safer from potential leaks, which can have devastating consequences on your insulation and ceiling. Impact resistant shingles can withstand hail impacts of up to 90 mph!

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic shingles offer a perfect alternative to homeowners who desire the appearance of natural wood, slate, or tile, but don’t want the additional maintenance. Synthetics are considerably cheaper than traditional luxury materials, they weigh less, and they come in a variety of colors and styles for your design preferences.

If any of these premium roof services appeal to you, don’t hesitate to call our company today. One of our roofers will be more than happy to discuss which premium roof option would work best for you and your home. Because we want our customers to have the best roofing, we always take their criteria seriously and offer them honest advice. Please contact us at 314-696-5886 for premium roofing in St. Louis, MO.

Call for Superior Premium Roofing

Call for Superior Premium Roofing

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If you are a residential property owner who is wanting premium roofing for their St. Louis, MO residence, look no further than our roof company to assist you. We aren’t just proud to provide our customers superior premium roofing service and products, we are also pleased to offer amazing client service. Since our clients are a huge priority, we guarantee that we go above and beyond for them, this is so we are able to surpass all of their roofing expectations. We do this by hiring fully insured and licensed roofers, utilizing innovative tools and technologies, and carrying a selection of high-quality roofing materials from reputable manufacturing brands. We are also committed to better customer relationships with our residential customers. We are confident that with these steps, we can provide the best roofing services time and time again. For a roofing company that is there each step of the way for their clients with excellent roofing and superior client service, contact Conner Roofing for your roofers. Call our certified roofing contractors today at 314-696-5886 to make an appointment for premium roofing for your St. Louis, MO home. Our roofers are ready to give you better roofing with a premium roof, or help you maintain your existing roof.