The Perks of Metal Roofing for Your Residential Home

If you have an older roof or are wanting to redo your roof, thinking about what roofing material you are going to use is important. While there are a ton of roofing material to choose from, metal roofing is one of the best materials out there. Here are the perks of metal roofing for your residential home.

The Perks of Metal Roofing for Your Residential Home

If You Are Replacing Your Roof, Consider Metal Roofing!


While most roofing materials like asphalt shingles last 20-25 years, metal roofing can last up to 50 years.


Metal roofing is resistant to a lot of things including, water, fire, rot, and insects. You never have to worry about water damage, fire damage, or even damage caused by insects with this type of material.


Metal roofs can come in a number of colors and designs. If you are wanting to a red roof, this type of roofing can be painted red.

Energy Efficient

One of the biggest benefits of metal is that it is very energy efficient. The metal reflects the heat from the sun, so you save energy by not cranking the A/C as often.


Depending on what type of metal you use, this roofing material can weigh from 50-150 pounds a square, whereas other roofing materials can weigh more than 700 pounds per square. This can make installation a lot easier.

Easy Installation

Metal comes in a couple of different sections or sheets, so it makes installation easier and a lot faster than other roofing types.

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