The What Now?: Your Roof’s Fascia and Soffit

Soffit and Fascia

The Fascia and Soffit are Located on the Edge and Underside of Your Roofing System.

Do you ever think about your home’s fascia and soffit? If so, you are among the rare few homeowners that even know they exist. These portions of your roof provide important protection for your home and neglecting them could lead to expensive repairs. Here’s why you should take a close look at your fascia and soffit today.

Fascia: Protecting the Edges

Your roof’s fascia is located on the extreme edge of the roofing system, running horizontally across the length of the entire roof. Not only does it block rodents, birds and insects from entering your attic and ceiling, your fascia also serves as the chief point of attachment for your gutter system. A healthy fascia is free of corrosion and gaps.

Keeping Your Fascia Healthy

Maintaining your gutter system actually plays a large role in protecting your fascia. Make sure your gutters are well-fastened to the side of your roof, with screws tightened. Also be sure to clean out the dirt and leaves that naturally clog up your gutters over time. This will prevent water from spilling over onto your fascia and corroding your fascia.

Soffit: the Underappreciated Underside

Your roof’s soffit is located on the underside of your roof, specifically the section protruding from the wall. This part of your roof vents excess heat in your attic, which is an essential part of keeping your home properly cooled. Healthy soffit means clean, unobstructed vents and no corrosion (or wood rot). To maintain your soffit, simply ensure the vents and surrounding material is clean.

Now you know how to better care for your fascia and soffit. For more information about your roof, or to schedule an inspection, you can talk with our roofing specialists at Conner Roofing. Give us a call at 314-375-7475.