Steel Roofing Options

Steel Roofing Options

Conner Roofing Offers Two Steel Roofing Options: Galvanized and Galvalume Steel Roofing.

Have you been researching an addition of a steel roof for a house or commercial building? As with every metal roofing option, there are specific benefits you can bank on, but also, the additional perk of a durable zinc coating. Among many of the metal roofing types to choose from, galvalume and galvanized steels are generally the most used, and with good reason! If you would like to learn more, call 314-696-5886 and talk with one of our team members about how a steel roof system can benefit your project. You can depend on Conner Roofing to supply you with a quote for steel roofing in Saint Louis, MO, along with additional information.

Is Steel Roofing Right For You?

There are tons of roof options on the market, and it can be difficult to isolate which one is best for you. However, our professionals have plenty of expertise, and we can help you find your perfect metal roof system. If you pick steel roofing, you can choose between galvanized and galvalume steel roofs. Galvanized steel is coated with zinc, while galvalume is coated with aluminum, zinc, and silicon. The coats of both galvanized steel and galvalume steel roofs have resilient coats that provide an improved level of defense against weather damages and can deter the aging effect time has on a roof. You can also count on steel roofing to be particularly lightweight, and resistant to corrosion. If your roofing project is expected to be fairly large, you’ll also love the value per square foot you can count on with steel roofing, in addition to the easy steel roof repair process, in the uncommon event that your roof is ever harmed. If you want to know more about galvalume or galvanized steel roofing in Saint Louis, MO, call us today!

Experienced Repair And Installation of Steel Roofing

When it comes to applying a new roof, Conner Roofing knows that quality materials and unbeatable customer service are two essentials a roofing contractor needs to offer. Our professionals are happy to work with your needs and your budget while helping you to choose the ideal roof. If you want steel roofing in Saint Louis, MO, give us a call now at 314-696-5886. Regardless of what your metal roof needs are, our professionals will supply you with superb work, fair prices, and an amazing experience.