Is your roof leaking?

Roof leaks happen all the time. They get old and weak or a storm causes some kind of damage, but your roof leaking is something that needs to be paid attention to. It can cause serious damage to things like your drywall or shingles. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your roof is leaking because you can’t actually see any damage. This doesn’t mean it is not happening though. This just means you haven’t found the damage yet and when you do it may not be good if it has been leaking for a while. Here are several ways to know if your roof is leaking.

Things to Pay Attention To

Leaking Roof

Take Care of a Water Leak Before Something Small Turns into This.

Brown stains on ceiling – This is something that people usually notice right away because, it is usually in a bedroom or in a living room. When you see this, it means that water is coming in from your roof and has now leaked into your drywall and is causing damage. This has to be fixed or it will just get worse, it cannot be painted over and left alone because it will keep happening. This can turn into mold, damage your insulation, or make your ceiling begin to deform.

Mold – We brought up mold above, but mold is a serious concern with a leaking roof. You can begin to notice it inside your home but you can also notice quit growing on your roof. This is a sign of some kind of water leaking and being trapped. The best thing to do here is called a professional roofer to come out and assess the damage so it can be fixed.

Bent shingles – If you have noticed your shingles are beginning to bow up on your roof, this is from water damage. Your shingles need to be replaced and a repair must be done before the whole roof is affected.

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