Is a Metal Roof Loud When it Rains?

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Do metal roofs make houses hotter?

Across the country, home and business owners are choosing to install metal roofs onto their houses or livelihoods. So if you’ve ever heard a hollow space with a metal top, you would suspect the interior of a metal roofed building to be an extremely loud place during rain and hot when it’s sunny. The answer, no, metal roofs on places of business and living are as quiet as it would be with an asphalt roof and actually cooler than traditional roofed structures. Not only that, but modern metal roofing has been known to also provide a homeowner with many benefits to the roof and interior of the building. The metal roof has been proven to be one of the longest lasting roofs on top of being a fabulous choice that can offer you various benefits to whatever you add it to. Conner Roofing does extend our metal roof installation service in St. Louis, MO to those interested in getting a metal roof for their home or business. Those interested can call 314-375-7475 today to make an appointment.

Is a metal roof worth it?

As such, many homes and businesses often come across the question of if metal roof is worth it or not. Comparatively to asphalt and vinyl slate shingles, metal roofing offers a variety more solutions that are similar and superior to the other option. Those benefiting from an installation experience notice the superior benefits in:

  • Design
  • Choice in customization 
  • Internal benefits

The specifics that go into each benefit are so numerous, that home and business owners are consistent in singing the praises of metal roofing. Whether it be from customers in our native town of St. Louis, MO or in northern states like Maine and Washington, customers love metal roofs for their versatility no mater the weather. While a touch more expensive, the cost of metal roofs fully prove themselves and make the money back through the benefits they offer and their long lasting nature on any building they are installed to.

What are the advantages of a metal roof?

As mentioned, there are three specific points to where metal roofing is superior to other products. Most residential home owners choose a gauge of twenty six to twenty four for their metal roofing material, of which would be the norm. Metal roofing gauging to be precise is lesser when the number is larger, twenty nine is the minimum for residential roofing. In areas with more severe weather such as storms and winds, a gauge of twenty four would be recommended. 

With that explained, metal roofs with the required minimums mentioned offer multiple benefits to each home they are installed upon. They are in fact one of the most customizable home improvements a person could get on their residence due to not only the coloration they can decide upon, but also the additions that would benefit their roof and add to their home as well. The interior benefits of metal roofing are absolutely beneficial and include:

  • Cooler home interior in the warmer months
  • Savings on electric bills
  • Less weight, helping your home remain structurally stable
  • Fire resistance

The reasons for these advantages are found in the material used in metal roofing. The metals used in the installation reflect UV rays instead of absorbing them as oil based roofing products do. That benefit can also be increased by methods such as cool roofing and the use of better reflective materials we can use on your roof. As for your home, you never have to worry about your roof if there is an electrical problem or a fire breaks out by accident. A metal roof will naturally resist fires, keeping them from spreading through it. The materials are also lighter as mentioned, whereas traditional and some modern methods of roofing put a slight bit of strain on your structure, metal roofing does not. While having all of these benefits, metal roofing also lasts customers an obscenely long time, it is not uncommon for a customer to see their roof live to see fifty with only a minor amount of cair.

In addition to being installed regularly, a metal roof can be installed over a shingle roof if it is necessary. Occasionally there are some instances where home and business owners need a metal roof over their shingles for extra protection or for structural reasons.

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How do you pick a metal roof color?

Metal roofs are easy to customize for homeowners that want a specific look to their home. Whether it be to match your neighbors or be unique, a metal roof can be developed to suit your interests. Furthermore, metal roofing is prized for its seamless and gilded look that provides a sharper texture to the home while not looking too flashy at the same time. Just like many parts of your home, your roof can be coated in a color that you choose for it. An acrylic roof coating can also expand a metal roofs benefits to the home’s interior, reflecting more light while looking stylish to the neighbors. If you are interested in a metal roof installation, repair, or replacement call 314-375-7475 so Conner Roofing in St. Louis, MO can help you upon request for an appointment.