Why It’s Important to Get Your Gutters Cleaned

Why It's Important to Get Your Gutters Cleaned

The gutters on our home were designed to keep water off your roof but off of your landscaping, as well. Because of this, having your gutters cleaned is an important roof maintenance task that should be performed often. Other than keeping your roof and lawn in good shape, why else is it important? There are a number of reasons why it’s important to get your gutters cleaned.

Protects Your Foundation

In addition to protecting your home and lawn, the gutters can also ensure that water doesn’t get on your foundation. Constant exposure to water can lead to cracks in your foundation, which is not something homeowners want to deal with.

Broken Gutter System

Leaves and debris build up in the gutter over time; when it rains, the leaves and debris might now leave much room for the rain to go. With the weight of the water, leaves, and debris, it can cause the gutter to pull from the roof’s edge.

The Fascia Can Become Damaged

When water overflows from the gutters, it can damage the roof’s fascia. The fascia is usually made of wood, so with continual contact to water can turn into rotten wood. This can lead to a lot of other problems for the roofing system.

Keeps Animals and Pests Out

Leaves and debris are great for making nests. With a gutter full of leaves and debris, it can be quite an inviting place for animals and pests to live. Animals and pests can become a problem for the gutter because of the weight and can have an adverse effect on people’s health.

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