TPO Roof

TPO RoofingIs your commercial building in need of a new roofing system, or do you have an existing roofing system that may need repair? Conner Roofing is your top choice for TPO roof installation, maintenance and repair in St. Louis. TPO roofing is a Thermoplastic Polyofelin single-ply membrane system that allows its surface to uphold for an increased amount of time. Now a popular style for commercial buildings, TPO is a durable system that adapts to climate-change and holds its integrity against extreme weather conditions. Please call us today if your interested in installation or repair to your existing commercial TPO roofing system.

Benefits of TPO Roofs

Due to its energy efficiency and durability, TPO roofing has become an elite product for commercial roofing systems. This type of roofing system has become one of the top growing products for commercial businesses due to its various benefits. Here are a few more advantages of installing a TPO roof:

  • Different stylistic approaches
  • UV resistant
  • Reliable seam strength
  • Easy installation process
  • Energy efficient
  • Holds integrity during severe weather
  • And more!

These benefits illustrate that TPO roofing is the most reliable source of commercial roofing in the industry. Our talented experts are excited to hear your questions and concerns about TPO roofing and help you throughout the rest of the installation process.

TPO roofing comes in different stylistic options. You’re able to choose from grey, black or white for color options. White is considered the best color choice because of it’s resistance to UV light, allowing the interior of your commercial building to stay cool without using the air conditioner as often. Because TPO roofing can withstand UV radiation, it’s considered to be the most environmental friendly route to take when choosing your commercial roofing system.

TPO Roof Repair & Maintenance

If your commercial roof already is surfaced by TPO roofing and needs repair or maintenance, Conner Roofing is your best choice for high quality service and experience in dealing with existing TPO systems. We are aware that you have a business to run, so our professionals are committed to working in a safe and non-distracting environment. Our job is done when you are completely satisfied with our work. Call us today if you need repair or maintenance to your existing commercial TPO roofing system. 

At Conner Roofing, we are you best option for TPO roofing installation, repair and maintenance in St. Louis,