Roof Coating

37851616_sRoof coating is a necessary roofing process for commercial buildings because of the protection it supplies for your current or future commercial roofing system. At Conner Roofing, we are St. Louis’ finest roof coating installation and repair business in town. Roof coatings are a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid applied to the roofing membrane. Because of their elasticity, roof coatings can stretch and return to their original shape without being destroyed. The material of roof coatings is thicker than paint which allows it to protect your roofing system from rain and other extreme weather conditions, making it last several years longer. There are different types of roof coatings available to choose from (acrylic, asphalt, polyurethane, and silicone coatings), and at Conner Roofing, we have the tools and resources to accommodate any style you prefer for your commercial building.


Roof Coating Benefits

Roof coating is an advantageous service for your existing roofing system because it can add another 20-25 years to your commercial roof, protecting it from water puddles, chemicals and other extreme weather elements that destroy the surface for your roofing system. Roof coatings also lower room temperatures in your commercial buildings because they reflect UV light from penetrating your roof’s surface. Shingle roofs are the third-highest contributor to our nations landfills because of tear-off and waste. Roof coatings can be installed over existing roofs to avoid any tear offs and add several years to that existing roof system. Decreasing carbon footprints and high peak energy is another important aspect that roof coating provides. Call us today if you think roof coating is what you want for commercial roofing system.


A lot of commercial roofing systems are flat sloped, making water puddles reside on your roofing surface, damaging it, leading to a premature collapse of your system. This is an irritating and costly experience that can be prevented by picking the correct type of system for your particular roof. Our professionals are honest and committed to giving your the best option available for your commercial roofing needs.

At Conner Roofing, we are Certain Teed Certified and Owens Corning Certified and have the highest quality service available for your roof coating installation and repair in St. Louis.