PVC Roof (Vinyl)

Roofs of the big warehouse - aerial viewConner Roofing brings you the best service in PVC roof installation and repair in St. Louis. PVC roofing is a membrane system that’s commonly referred to as vinyl roofing. and is used commonly by commercial and industrial flat roofs. We have a great crew and team of experts that can guarantee high quality work in a timely fashion. Similar to TPO roofing, a PVC roofing membrane is highly reflective to UV lighting if installed with light colors such as tan, grey, white or off-white vinyl roof. Most industrious and commercial businesses tend to stay away from the plain white roofs because they dirty much easier, so they’ll go with the off-white or tan instead. Call us today if you’re interested in PVC installation or repair.

PVC Roof Advantages

PVC membranes are a durable and an easy process of installation. These types of roof systems can last several years without decrease of performance. The trim from the vinyl roofs are 100% recyclable and used to make new roofing membranes. They tend to be a little less environmentally friendly than TPO roofing systems only because of the hazardous fumes that are created from the installation process. Our professionals are committed to maintaining a safe work environment and a team that you can trust to give you the highest quality service available.

PVC Roof Installation & Repair


As is to many roofing systems, it is important that your PVC roof is installed correctly by a professional to guarantee a long lifespan for the roofing membrane. Premature damages are usually due to the incorrect installation by a non-professional contractor. At Conner Roofing we have knowledgeable professionals that are trustworthy and get the job done right. Call us today to set up an appointment. And similar to EPDM roofing, PVC roofing can be installed in three different ways: Ballasted, mechanically attached and fully adhered.

If you are interested in a vinyl roof or PVC roof installation, please call today to set up an appointment. At Conner Roofing we’ve been roofing since 1993 and our professionals are highly qualified for PVC roof installation and repair in St. Louis.