Are Gutters Necessary on a Home?

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Maintaining Your Home and Your Roof

Any homeowner knows that there are several areas of your property that require your attention. One area that can often go overlooked is the roof, specifically the gutters. The gutters on your roof are designed to protect and ultimately maintain your roof for years of use. However, more often than not, homeowners neglect to take care of the gutters for a number of reasons. This causes material damage, wood rot, foundation damage, and more. To learn how to get gutter repair for your St. Louis, MO property, contact Conner Roofing. We are the repair and remodel company that can help you. Call us at 314-375-7475 to get started. 

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Benefits of Gutter Repairs

There are in fact a number of advantages to maintaining the integrity of your gutters. One thing that keeps many from moving forward with maintenance is the price. Many are under the impression that the gutter repair cost will be astronomical. The reality is that it should be less than an architectural shingle repair service. More than that, you’ll experience several benefits that could help save you money in the long run. 

  • Max Roof Performance: One benefit from repairing your gutters is a better performing roof. With effective gutters, water will properly drain preventing blocks, clogs, water damage, wood rot, and more. 
  • Reducing Repair Costs: Believe it or not but, investing in gutter repair and maintenance can help reduce the amount you are spending on roof repairs. There will be fewer instances of damage that could cost you quite a bit to repair. 
  • Eliminating Outdoor Hazards: When your gutters or downspouts are sagging, everyone is in danger. More than that, clogged gutters increases the likelihood of ice damming in the winter, which can result in serious amounts of damage. 
  • Maintaining Roof Warranty: Several manufacturers may consider neglected gutters a reason to null and void the roof warranty. This means it’s incredibly beneficial on your part to keep up with repairs, cleanings, and other necessary services. 

Maintaining your gutters will ensure the rest of your roof stays in good condition. For repair services, you can rely on Conner Roofing. We are the leading experts in your area offering every kind of roofing and remodeling service you may need. Call us today to get started. 

Gutter Repair or Replacement

Probably the number one question asked of a contractor is whether you should repair or replace your gutters. That’s a hard question to answer without seeing them. Generally speaking, however, if the damage is not that extensive, then you can easily get away with repairs. It may seem tempting to look up gutter repairs and how to do them yourself, but it’s always best to rely on the experts. They will be able to provide expert services leaving you with professional results. That, of course, begs the question, how often should you replace your gutters? Since they are more consistently exposed to the elements, they will need to be replaced more often. Where something like a tankless water heater installation may happen once every 20-years or so, gutter replacements may need to happen every few years. Don’t let that discourage you! You can still get many years out of your gutters with regular repairs and maintenance. 

So if you’re wondering about repairs or replacement services, talk with a contractor first. You can rely on the experts at Conner Roofing to help. We have years of experience with exterior maintenance and repair needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to repair a gutter?
    • Depending on the extent of damage and how linear feet of the gutters need to be repaired, the cost can vary. Generally speaking, it costs between $4 and $30 per linear foot for repairs. This means it could cost around $1,600 or $2,175 in total. 
  • Can you patch a gutter?
    • Yes, regardless if you have metal or vinyl gutters, they can be patched. Depending on the size of the hole, you can get away with either plastic roofing cement or galvanized flashing. No matter what, a patch is not a permanent fix and damaged gutters should be repaired by professionals. 
  • Why is my gutter leaking?
    • A number of things can cause gutter leaks. Poorly installed or pitched gutters will leak. The water won’t be able to drain properly causing it to back up, pond, and more. If the gutters themselves are poorly manufactured, they can deteriorate faster causing leaks as well. 
  • What damage can a leaking gutter cause?
    • Your home can experience several damages with leaking gutters such as soffit and fascia damage, wood rot, structural damage, siding damage and rot, and foundation damage. This happens because water ponds by the foundation causing cracking and more. 
  • Do gutters cause roof damage?
    • Gutters by themselves do not cause damage. In fact, they are designed to help prevent damage to your roof and home. However, when the gutters are damaged, poorly maintained, or poorly installed, then they can cause significant damage to your roof.
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