Aluminum Roofing Vs. Steel Roofing

Have you heard how great metal roofs are, but can’t decide on whether to go with aluminum or steel roofing for your roof? Both have great benefits but read the pros and cons of each below to see which would be the best fit for you.

Aluminum and Steel are Popular Options For Metal Roofs


Won’t Rust

Steel comes with a protective metallic coating that prevents corrosion and rusting.


Because aluminum can withstand all climates and steel cannot, steel is cheaper compared to the other metal roofing.

Fire Resistant

It doesn’t conduct heat well, being beneficial for houses in wildfire- prone areas.


Doesn’t Corrode From Saltwater

If you live in coastal climates, aluminum roofing is beneficial as other types of roofing will be negatively affected by the saltwater in the air. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion.


Aluminum is the thinnest of all metal roofs types, therefore weighing the least. It is still durable, able to withstand extreme weather.


If you live with a sloped roof, aluminum can be bent to curve around it where steel has a harder time conforming and being changed.

Energy Efficient

Aluminum stores less heat and cools quicker, but cannot withstand as high of temperatures as steel can.


Both types of metal roofs are waterproof as water slides right off the metal panels. Insects and animals also cannot chew through the metal as easily, preventing vermin from getting inside your house. Both types are often covered in coatings for aesthetics and an extra layer of protection. If you need metal roofs in St. Louis, MO, call Conner Roofing at 314-375-7475 today.