Tile Roofing and You

Is it time to choose a new roof for your home? There are many options for you to choose from, such as shingles or metal roofing. However, have you ever considered tile roofing? Today we will discuss the pros and cons of tile roofing, and how to determine if this roof option is a valid choice for your home!

installing tile roofing

Benefits of Tile Roofing

First, let’s discuss style:
Just a glance at a tile roof is enough to tell you right off the bat, that this roof style is here to stay. Striking, bold, and timeless, a tile roof brings an air of elegance to your home that shingles and metal roofs just can’t match.

Next, let’s talk variety:
While we discussed earlier that style is a given when it comes to tile, you may have thought only of traditional red clay tiles. Luckily, roof tiles come in a variety of different styles, sure to complete any color scheme or architectural design you wish to complete.

Now we can discuss durability:
This roof style is about as safe as you can get, with a class A fire resistance and standards that allow them to resist hurricane winds and hail. These pretty tiles even exceed seismic load requirements, making them favorites in areas along faults and coasts.

Beyond durability, we have simplicity:
Easy to install, easy to fix, easy to take care of. What else do you need?

How about sustainability?
One of the greenest roofing options, tile roofing wows us again! These tiles are great insulators, allowing your home to heat and cool with greater efficiency. They also are made from recyclable materials, and last so long, they immensely reduce re-roofing needs, protecting the earth by keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills.

Disadvantages of Tile Roofing:

The price tag isn’t too exciting: 
Tile roofing is definitely recognized as expensive. However, it is important to think long term when considering a huge investment for your home. Many professionals argue that the tile roof pays for itself with its durability, low maintenance costs, and extended lifespan when compare to cheaper roofing options.

The price tag isn’t the only hefty aspect of tile roofing:
Tiles are heavy! It is important to consider the age of your home, and the structural capabilities of your roof. An experienced roofing professional will be able to perform the needed inspection if this is a route you wish to explore!

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