Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

As autumn comes with changing leaves and pumpkin decor, debris can easily build up on your roof. While those golden and red leaves may look pretty sitting on your roof, they can cause serious problems. Keep your roof in top shape a follow these fall roof maintenance tips!

fall roof maintenance

Clean Away Debris

Pull out the ladder and get some gloves; it’s time to rake the leaves off your roof. Start with the gutters, making sure no leaves are clogging the downspouts. If they are, get a water hose and flush them out. You can also use the hose to wash out the gutters if you find mold, fungus, or rotten organic matter.

When cleaning leaves and other debris like twigs and acorns off your roof, be careful not to damage your roof. If you need to, use a rake or leaf blower to reach far away debris but be very careful to not tear up shingles. It’s important to clear away leaves because they can hold unwanted moisture against your roof. This can cause mold to grow, and could lead to leaks.

Inspect Your Roof

While you’re up there on the ladder, inspect your roof for signs of decay, general wear, or other problems. Check the soffit and fascia for wood rot, birds’ nests, and holes that could allow moisture to get inside. If you’ve experienced hail or strong wind recently, check your roof for dents, cracked shingles, and other storm damage. Feel the shingles with your hand and make sure they are firm and dry.

Repair If Necessary

If you notice any problems—a loose gutter, sagging fascia board, or damaged shingles—repair the issue before winter comes. Trust us…no one wants to repair a roof in the freezing rain or snow! By catching any problems before the winter season, you may prevent your roof from leaking or developing more serious problems in the next few months.

If you would like a professional roofer to inspect and repair your roof, call Conner Roofing! Our skilled roofers are experienced in fall roof maintenance and can get your roof ready for winter. Call us today at 314-375-7475 for quality service in St. Louis, MO.