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In need of a trusted and well experienced roofer? Conner Roofing is your premium choice for a full service roofing company in St. Louis that does high quality roofing installation, repair and maintenance. Our family own and operated business has proudly been serviceable since 1993 with excellent and trustworthy service from our professional roofers and contractors.  Roofing troubles can add additional weight on your shoulders that you don’t need, and happen predominately at the worst times possible.That’s what we’re here for! We understand that replacing a roofing system may cost more than you can afford, so we offer financing for all of our clients. Our trusted contractors will work closely with you during the application process to make sure you get the financing you need to get a safe and efficient roofing system for your home. At Conner Roofing, we strive to provide the highest quality service to our clients in St. Louis, and we are your number one roofing company to choose from.

roofer with beautiful blue sky in backgroundWe are proud to be CertainTeed and Owens Corning certified which allows us to provide you with the highest quality materials for your residential or commercial roofing systems. A majority of our services include installation, repair and maintenance for all residential roofing projects, but we also do many jobs as well for commercial buildings. We offer other services, such as residential siding installation and repair, as well as window and gutter repair and replacement. About 70% of our work are insurance claim jobs, so we are mainly here as a service to you! No matter the job type or size, we guarantee complete satisfaction from our customers, and treat your residential or commercial type building as if it were ours.


Our dedication to provide our customers with an unmatched high quality roofing service separates us from other local contracting services available. Contact us today, and set up an appointment to see for yourself that we are your top choice for roofing in St. Louis. For the best residential and commercial roofing projects, go with Conner Roofing today!


Residential Roofing

The majority of our work is done through repairs of residential homes, in which we work closely with insurance companies to provide you with the best compensation possible. At Conner Roofing, we realize that your home is very important to your family and community, which means that roofs are a vital factor in protecting your foundation. Your roofing system is also the first thing that on goers look at when passing by, so the style and material is an important decision point during the installation process of your roof. At Conner Roofing, we have the ability and workmanship to give you the highest quality roofing service that you deserve. We provide CertainTeed and Owens Corning certified materials for your residential roofing system to guarantee the highest quality products protect your home’s foundation. Here are some residential services that we offer:

Composition Asphalt Shingles: This is the most common and affordable residential roofing system available. Composition shingles come in various styles and colors to accommodate your ideal plan for your roof.

metal roofing 2Metal: An up-and-coming product for residential roofing systems because of its extreme durability and curb-side appeal. Because of its low-required maintenance they are a great long-term investment.

Storm Damage:  At Conner Roofing, a major part of our services are repairs to damaged roofing systems. We work closely with insurance companies to get you the best compensation possible, and get your roof back to the way it was, even better.

Re-Roofing: We are your top choice for repair or replacement to your roofing structure. We are committed to getting your roofing system back to normal, or even better!

No matter the job, Conner Roofing is your best choice for local residential roofing installation, repair, or maintenance!


Commercial Roofing

At Conner Roofing, our professional roofers are well equipped and trained to get you a durable and energy saving commercial roofing system. Whether it be flat-roof work, or sloped roofing systems, Conner Roofing is your top choice for commercial roofing in St. Louis. Check out which services we provide for your commercial building.

 TPO: A single-ply roofing membrane that requires minimal, if any, maintenance or repairs. TPO roofing systems also are great for saving your energy costs.

Standing Seam: This form of metal roofing may be pricey at first, but is a great and long-lasting investment for your commercial roofing system.

hot mopping 2Hot Mop: A dangerous but low-costing roofing system that requires professionals to install or repair. Needs frequent repair and maintenance to have a long lifespan.

Roof Coatings: A thick material that’s applied for flat or low-sloped commercial buildings to increase its resistance to leakages or extreme weather conditions.

Torch Down: A dangerous system to install that requires an expert roofer to do the job, but has great durability.

EPDM Roofs: A rubber roofing material for flat roofs that has a high resistance to UV lightning which keeps the interior of your building nice and cool during the dog days of summer.

PVC Roofs: Refereed to as vinyl roofing, PVC roofs are similar to TPO roofing in the case that they are a single-ply roofing membrane that’s durable and resistant to leakage.

If you’re a business owner in need of commercial roofing installation, repair and maintenance in St. Louis, please call Conner Roofing today and set up an appointment today!


certainteed-logo-squareCertainTeed & Owens Corning Certified

At Conner Roofing, we are proud to serve you with the highest quality roofing materials for both residential and commercial, because we are honored to be certified by both CertainTeed and Owens Corning. Our professionals are your best choice for high quality repair and installation withowens-corning-panther either CertainTeed or Owens Corning roofing materials. Check out some more information about these two manufacturers on our certifications page!





Other Services

We may be a roofing company, but we don’t just excel in roofing! At Conner Roofing we offer a few different services that are vital to your home or business’s integrity. If you’re interested in our constructional services, please call to set up an appointment today! Here are a few non-roofing services that we can provide for you:

Siding: We provide many different styles for siding to increase your home’s durability and curb-side appeal.

window installationWindows: We provide many different styles of window choices that range from low-e windows to stationary window systems. Call us today for further information.

Gutters: In need of gutter repair or replacement? At Conner Roofing we specialize in gutter replacement and repair in St. Louis.

Call us today if you’re interested in our non-roofing services. There’s no better option than Conner Roofing for other service installation, repair or maintenance!